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Bhakti Shatak
Bhakti Philosophy - Verses 31 to 40

Bhakti Shatak (or 100 verse on devotion) written by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj, is a clear and concise description of the complete philosophy of the devotional path for the seeker of divine love.

Apart from its priceless philosophy, it's simple poetic form can easily be sung and remembered. Verses 31 to 40 are below. You will also be able to hear a verse being sung if the "Listen" link is next to it.

  1. Bhakti Shatak31

    Man main ko mat chod tu, das jod de aur.
    Mera bhi rakh sath men, so rasikan sirmor.

    Oh my mind, don't try to remove your feeling of "I". Instead think, "I am a servant of God.? Don't remove your feeling of "mine". Instead think, "Krishna, the crest jewel of Rasik Saints, is mine."
  2. Bhakti Shatak32

    Samujh! Samujh son Shyam ko, samujh saka nahin koy.
    Samujh milai jab Shyam ki, samujh sakai bas soy.

    "Oh my intellect! Understand that you can't understand Krishna on your own strength. When you are graced by Krishn to receive His intellect, then you could understand Him.
  3. Bhakti Shatak33

    Shyam samujh se Shyam ko, samujh sakai sab koya.
    Shyam samujh tab milai jab, samujh samarpit hoya.

    After receiving Krishna's divine intellect you will understand Him. Knowing this, you should surrender your intellect at His lotus feet.
  4. Bhakti Shatak34

    Jaise prakrit deh ki, atma "jeev" bakhan.
    Aise hi ya jeev ki, atma "Shyam" sujan.

    Just as the life aspect of your material body is the soul, similarly the life aspect of your soul is Krishna.
  5. Bhakti Shatak35

    Satya ahinsa adi man! Binu hari bhajan na paya.
    Jal te ghrit nikalai nahin, kotin kariya upaya.

    Pure satvik virtues like truthfulness, nonviolence and so on are only achieved through selfless devotion to Krishna. Just as it's impossible to extract butter by churning chalky water, similarly, it's impossible to receive pur satvik qualities by doing any amount of spiritual practice that doesn't include devotion to Krishn.
  6. Bhakti Shatak36

    Man maya te hi banyo, maya te sansar.
    Yate man bhavat sada, yah sansar asar.

    The mind is made of Maya and this world is also made of Maya. That is why the world is pleasing and attractive to the mind.
  7. Bhakti Shatak37

    Kou kah taju sab kam kou, kah bhaju Sundarshyam.
    Haun kah dou ik sang karu, tab no puran kam.

    Some say that one should renounce all worldly desires, others say to do only Krishna devotion. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says that both are naive. Renunciation and Krishna devotion should be practiced together.
  8. Bhakti Shatak38

    Kam krod mad lobh kahan, man murakh! Mat chod!
    Rasik shiromani Shyam dhing, de in ko mukh mod.

    Oh foolish mind, don't try to renounce desire, anger, pride and greed. Instead relate these to Shri Krishna. (For example: if you get angry, get angry at your own shorcomings; feel pride that you belong to Krishna, etc.)
  9. Bhakti Shatak39

    Sab sadhan sampann kahn, poochat sab sansar.
    Sadhan-heen prapann hahn, poochat Nandkumar.

    Worldly people love those in the world who have wealth and prestige. But, Nandkumar Krishna loves and takes care of those who are humble and destitute.
  10. Bhakti Shatak40

    "Main", "mera", donon bahe, gyanin gyan majhar.
    "Main", "mera", donon rahe, premin ke darbar.

    In the path of jnana, one has to completely eliminate the feeling of "I" and "mine". But in the path of bhakti, the awareness of "I" and "mine" ("I" belong to Krishna, He is "mine") always remains.