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Bhakti Shatak
Bhakti Philosophy - Verses 71 to 80

Bhakti Shatak (or 100 verse on devotion) written by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj, is a clear and concise description of the complete philosophy of the devotional path for the seeker of divine love.

Apart from its priceless philosophy, it's simple poetic form can easily be sung and remembered. Verses 71 to 80 are below. You will also be able to hear a verse being sung if the "Listen" link is next to it.

  1. Bhakti Shatak71

    Jimi jalnidhi mahan jal kahat, aru jalnidhi jal roop.
    Timi Hari madhi anand aru, Hari anand swaroop.

    In the same way that people say there is water in the ocean, and also that the ocean is a huge reservoir of water, similarly the scriptures say that there is bliss in God, and also that God Himself is bliss.
  2. Bhakti Shatak72

    Soch sanch upkar nij, soch na par upkar.
    Kari le pyar Muruari te, taji de apar vichar

    Think about your own spiritual welfare, and don't think about gratifying others. Leaving aside all other thoughts, just love Krishna. (It is only after God realization that you can truly help other souls.)
  3. Bhakti Shatak73

    Brahm Shyam hain surya sam, jeev kiran anuhar.
    Daivi maya gunmayi, janu roop andhiyar.

    Shri Krishna is like the sun and the souls are like the rays of the sun, and Maya is like darkness.
  4. Bhakti Shatak74

    Sau batan ki bat ik, dharu Muralidhar dhyan.
    Badhavahu seva-vasna, yah sau gyanan gyan.

    The essence of all the divine philosophies is to attach your mind with love to Shri Krishna with a growing desire to serve Him. This is the ultimate scriptural knowledge.
  5. Bhakti Shatak75

    Man Manmohan bhajan kar, sajan sanehi man.
    Binuhin bulaye aihain, jag virag aru gyan.

    Oh mind, considering Shri Krishna to be your everything, do His wholehearted devotion. Renunciation from the world and true divine knowledge will follow automatically.
  6. Bhakti Shatak76

    Prakrit man te hot hai, gyanin prakrit dhyan.
    Bhaktan man Hari kripa te, hot divya sach man.

    The mind is material. So the meditation of the gyanis, which is the product of a material mind, is material. But a devotee (bhakta) with Krishna's grace receives divine power, through which his mind becomes divine. So the meditation of realized Bhakta Saint is always divine.
  7. Bhakti Shatak77

    Hari virahi virhag te, panchkosh jari jaya.
    Trigun, trikarm, tridosh sab, aapuhin jaya nasaya.

    In the fire of the feeling of separation from Krishna, all the defects of a devotee's mind are automatically burned up, including panch kosh, the five material sheaths, trigun, the three mayic qualities - satvik, rajas, tamas, trikarm, the three kinds of actions (sanchit-past accumulated, prarabdh, fate of this life, kriyaman, new actions of life) and tridosh (the bodily humors described in Ayurved - vat, pit, kaph).
  8. Bhakti Shatak78

    Hari sanyog viyog mahan, bado viyog bataya.
    Karan yah ki viyog mahan, kan-kan Shyam lakhaya.

    Between sanyog, the feeling of loving association with Krishna, and viyog, the feeling of separation from Him, viyog is considered superior. Because in separation, Krishna is see everywhere in the world (and in association He is seen in only one place).
  9. Bhakti Shatak79

    Mayadheen maleen man, hai anadi kaleen.
    Hari virahanal dhoya jal, karu nirmal bani deen.

    The mind has eternally been under the influence of Maya, that is why it is extremely impure. Now wash the mind by shedding selfless tears of love for Shri Krishna, and make it pure.
  10. Bhakti Shatak80

    Radhey Radhey bol nit, karu Radhey ko dhyan.
    Aihain nij golok taji, bhajat Shyam sujan.

    Lovingly remember Shri Radha all the time, and wholeheartedly sing Her name and virtues. Through this bhakti (loving remembrance), Shri Krishna will leave His abode and come running, without even being called. He has this much love for Shri Radha's name.