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Bhakti Shatak
Bhakti Philosophy - Verses 81 to 90

Bhakti Shatak (or 100 verse on devotion) written by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj, is a clear and concise description of the complete philosophy of the devotional path for the seeker of divine love.

Apart from its priceless philosophy, it's simple poetic form can easily be sung and remembered. Verses 81 to 90 are below. You will also be able to hear a verse being sung if the "Listen" link is next to it.

  1. Bhakti Shatak81

    Tum mere the, rahoge, yah shruti vachan tihar.
    Adham udharan Nath puni, kahe mohin bisar.

    A devotee humbly says, "Oh Krishna, You have said Yourself in the Vedas that since eternity You were mine and You will be mine forever. Oh Lord, uplifter of fallen souls, then why have You forgotten me?"
  2. Bhakti Shatak82

    Haun manat haun sada ko, haun patak avatar.
    Adham udharan virad par, tum to karahun vichar.

    Oh Krishna, I admit that since eternity I have committed uncountable sins. But please remember Your own promise that You uplift all the fallen souls.
  3. Bhakti Shatak83

    Nam patit pavan suni, nirbhaya hwai kiya pap.
    Yamen dosh batau mam, doshi to hain aap.

    Oh Krishna, having heard that you are patit pavan, the purifier of fallen souls, I have been committing all kinds of sins without any fear or hesitation. Now please tell me what my fault is? According to Your name, You are supposed to purify my sins.
  4. Bhakti Shatak84

    Man Hari men tan jagat men, karmayoga tehi jan.
    Tan Hari men man jagat men, yah mahan agyan.

    True karma yoga is when your mind is absorbed in Krishn love and you are performing your duties with your body. If your mind is attached in the world, and physically you are doing devotional formalities, then you are extremely ignorant (because it is only karma, not karma yoga).
  5. Bhakti Shatak85

    Yadyapi Hari guru ek hain, ek gyan anand.
    Tadapi srishti kar keval, brahm sacchidanand.

    Although there is no difference between God and a God realized Saint, the work of creating the universe is only done by God.
  6. Bhakti Shatak86

    Hari sut kahan Hari dasi, jad maya dukh det.
    Bad acharaj pitu lakhat nit, tabahun na sut sudhi let.

    Maya is an eternal servant of Krishna. The soul is the son of Krishna. The servant, maya, is creating misery for the son, the soul, since eternity. The Divine Father has been watching the soul suffer through this, but He is not gracing the soul.
  7. Bhakti Shatak87

    Haridasi hain mukti sab, sabai jeev Haridas.
    Mahamoodh jo swamiji taji, kar dasi ki aas.

    All the types of liberation are Shri Krishna's servants, and all the souls are His eternal servants. That servant (the soul) who leaves his Master and desires another servant (liberation) is extremely foolish.
  8. Bhakti Shatak88

    Vandaniya hai Upanishad, yamen gyan mahan.
    Shyam prem binu gyan so, pranheen tanu jan.

    The Upanishads are like another form of God, therefore they are to be respected. They contain unlimited Divine knowledge, but their knowledge doesn't develop love for Shri Krishna. Thus, such knowledge is like a body without life.
  9. Bhakti Shatak89

    Milan paya Piya virah bhaya, virah paya nahin chain.
    Duhun bhanti as divya dukh, pav rasik din rain.

    Even while he is enjoying Shri Krishna's association, a Rasik Saint feels worried and anxious about being separated from Him, and when he is separated from Krishna, he naturally experiences sorrow. Thus in both these situations, the Saint experiences a sweet pain of Divine love.
  10. Bhakti Shatak90

    Adham udharan nam suni, ur asha badhi jat.
    Bhakti vashya suni nam pai, man mahan ati darpat.

    Oh Krishna! Hearing that you are patit pavan, the purifer of sinful souls, I feel hope, because I am sinful. I may also receive Your grace. But when I hear Your names of 'bhakt vatsal' and 'bhakti vashya', (the one who becomes dependent to his loving Saint because of that Saint's love) I feel scared (because I have no such qualities in me that would inspire You to do this).