Bhakti Yoga Retreat Tour in India

Bhakti Yoga India Retreat Tour

Of special interest...

The Bhakti Yoga India Retreat Tour will be based in northern India, 2 hours south of New Delhi, in the district known even today as "Braj". Cradeled by the Yamuna River to the east, this region has an almost unlimited number of sacred sites. You can feel the devotional energy in every footpath, shrine and temple, which have been frequented and blessed by uncountable saints and sages for centuries. Immerse yourself in the same ancient and transcendental surroundings that have been venerated by millions! Here are just a few of the places we will visit...

Kusum Sarovar Kusum Sarovar - Kusum Sarovar is a devotional monument built around a beautiful pond (sarovar) with breathtaking 350-year-old historic structures. Surrounded by groves of kadamba trees, it is a short distance from other significant pilgrimage sites. It lies on the sacred circular path (parikrama) of Govardhan.

Yamuna River Yamuna River - Just as coming into contact with the dust of Braj is considered a blessing, so bathing in the waters of the holy Yamuna River is believed to wash away impurities and guarantee spiritual happiness.

Keshi Ghat Keshi Ghat - The steps of this ancient bathing area are lively with pilgrims taking a dip in the holy Yamuna. Beautifully carved sandstone piers invite you to rest a moment, sprinkle a few drops of holy water on your head, and offer a prayer in silence.

Shri Ji Mandir Shri Ji Mandir The Shri Ji Mandir (temple) nestled in the hills overlooking the pastoral village of Barsana, summons the faithful through misty bylanes in the early morning, amidst the calls of conches, the tinkling of bells and the lowing of cows.


The land of Braj is a place of the greatest spiritual inspiration and rejuvenation.

We will meditate in this atmosphere, take rest in the sanctified environment of its ashrams, partake of the same knowledge that enlightened uncountable seekers with knowledge of the divine, and benefit from the blessed vibrations that permeate every particle of this land.