Bhakti Yoga Retreat Tour in India

Bhakti Yoga Retreat Tour

Our visit to Braj is a contemporary pilgrimage and exploration of bhakti and the bhakti tradition of Saints.

The journey first takes us to our base in the village of Barsana and the Rangeeli Mahal Ashram. Throughout the tour, the daily schedule will offer aarti ceremonies, meditation sessions, yoga sessions and classes on Hindu philosophy. Music classes offered include harmonium, drum and how to sing kirtan.

During our stay in Barsana, our afternoon field trips will take us to Gokul, Mathura, Govardhana and Barsana. We will explore ancient monuments, temples, gardens and other places commemorating divine pastimes, as well as numerous spots that commemorate where great historic Saints lived, meditated and imbued the environment with their divine vibrations.

Following this, we will journey to the renowned pilgrimage center of Vrindaban and Shyama Shyam Dham Ashram. From there we will explore the lanes and byways of this city, see ancient and important temples and many important shrines commemorating pastimes, including bathing ghats along the historic Yamuna River. The shrines of many great Saints in the bhakti tradition are located in Vrindaban.

Travelling by train we journey overnight to Allahabad, located on the holy Ganges River. A short taxi drive will bring us to Bhakti Dham Ashram in Mangarh for a 3-day stay, which is the culimination of our tour. During this time we will integrate our experiences and also have the opportunity to meet Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj and participate in the ashram shedule.