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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Sadguru Madhuri
(The Sweetness of Guru)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Sadguru Madhuri or the sweetness of the Guru or Spiritual Master.

guru-disciple This comes as the first topic because all devotional understanding and feelings are received after first receiving the Guru's grace.

In a disciple's life, the Guru plays the role of spiritual guide to the Divine goal. If he is a true Saint, he is a bridge between the world and God.

The Divine and invaluable qualities of the Guru are cherished deeply by a true disciple.

In such compositions, the Saint may play the role of both master and disciple, evoking humility, confusion, curiosity or any other human condition and then resolving, answering or giving insight into this situation. These are glimpses into the true nature of the Guru-disciple relationship, the world, God's personality, the Divine world and the devotional path. Click here for Hindi.

"Jayati Jaya, Jay Sadguru Maharaj"

prem ras madira

Jayati jaya, jaya sadguru maharaj.
Expressing his heartfelt gratitude towards his Spiritual Master, a completely surrendered disciple says,

Chake yugal ras raas saras janu, murtiman rasraj.
"All Glory to my Guru! My Guru who is always engrossed in Divine love bliss is the true descension of the personified love of Radha Krishna."

Binu karan karunakar jakar, as swabhav bhal bhraj.
"His natural nature is to uplift the fallen souls through his causeless grace."

Barbas patitan det prem-ras, as rasikan sartaj.
"The crown-jewel of all the Rasik Saints (those Saints who have realized Divine love), he forcibly imparts Divine love bliss even to fallen, worldly souls."

Dubat apu dubavat jan kahan, prem-sindhu-brajraj.
"Immersed in the ocean of Divine love himself, he also immerses his surrendered disciple in the same ocean."

Haun 'Kripalu' guru-charan sharan gahi, bhayo dhanya jag aj.
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji says, "I am truly blessed to take shelter at the lotus feet of such an indescribably great Guru."