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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Dainya Madhuri
(The Sweetness of Humbleness)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Dainya Madhuri or the sweetness of humbleness.

humbleness Humbleness is the foundation stone upon which all our devotional feelings develop. When we are humble, we are tolerant and forgiving.

We recognize our shortcomings, faults and worldly nature and see how they are inhibiting our devotional progress.

Shedding selfless tears of love, we long to receive God's grace so that we may see and be with our Divine beloved God one day.
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"Kishori Mori, Ab Na Lagao Bar"

prem ras madira

Kishori mori, ab na lagao bar.
A devotee is begging of Shri Radha, "Oh Radhey! Do not delay any longer! I have been begging at Your door only for Your grace."

Mangat bhikh kripa ki keval, khado tihare dvar.
"I have heard from Saints that the destitute souls are always treated with respect in Your divine court. I have also heard that there may be a delay in Your court, but never injustice."

Rasikan-mukh as suni deen ko, aadar yehi darbar.
"Therefore, thinking this delay to be merely a delay, I have been waiting for Your grace with unshaken faith and hope."

Der hot, andher nahin bas, ihai rahyo aadhar.
"Oh Kishori ji! No matter how long I have to wait, do not think that I will leave Your door because of this delay, for I am dull-witted, determined and simple."

Kahihaun nahin Kripalu kahu son, aa jaiya ik bar.
Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj says, "Oh Radhey, grace me with Your divine vision just once. If you are afraid of anyone finding out, then rest assured, I solemnly promise to keep it a secret."