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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Shri Krishna Madhuri
(Sweetness of Lord Krishna)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Shri Krishna or the sweetness of Lord Krishna.

krishna The loving pastimes or leelas that Lord Krishna performed when He appeared on this earth 5,000 years ago are described in the writings of Rasik Saints.

These are direct glimpses into His love, beauty, grace and Divinely playful nature. His beauty is another aspect of the power of Divine love. Saints have described that beauty and the overwhelming effect of seeing His Divine form, which forcibly attracts the mind of even great God realized Saints.

Whether through a mere glance of His or through the perception of His Divine beauty by a soul, He bestowed Divine love bliss on all the souls.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, visualize the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke. Click here for Hindi.

"Kahun Dekhe Ali ! Lalit Tribhangi Lal"

prem ras madira

Kahun dekhe Ali, lalit tribhangi Lal.
A Gopi is asking her friend, "Oh, have you seen Krishna anywhere, the one who stands in such a captivating style with His body curved at the neck, waist and feet?"

Jehi sir sohati mor chandrika, lochan kamal rasal.
"He has a lovely peacock-feathered crown adorning His head, and big lotus-shaped eyes."

Bhrikuti kutil kanak shruti kundal,
mrigamad tilak subhal.

"His eyebrows are arched and pretty golden earrings are dangling from His ears. A musk tilak is gracing His forehead."

Ur phaharat pat peet manohar, gal vilasat vanmal.
"A swaying, silken golden shawl adorns His chest and a fragrant and long flower garland is embracing His neck."

Yugal pani manimaya kankan kati, kinkini shabd rasal.
"He is wearing gem-studded bracelets on both His wrists and a waistlet ornamented with tiny bells is jingling sweetly around His waist."

Jhumat chalat bajat pag payal, lajavat rajmaral.
"Anklets gracing His feet tinkle enchantingly as he walks in an intoxicated manner, putting even a swan's gait to shame."

Mridu musakaya bajaya murali-dhuni,
mohat saba brajbal.

" Smiling sweetly and playing melodiously on His flute, He steals the hearts of all the Gopis."

So 'Kripalu' mam jeevandhan piya, Nandnandan Gopal.
Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj says, "That same Nandnandan Gopal is Krishna. He is my Beloved and the only treasure of my life."