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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Milan Madhuri
(Sweetness of Meeting Krishna)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Milan Madhuri or the sweetness of Divine meeting.

milan madhuri Milan madhuri leelas or pastimes of divine meeting have been described extensively in the writings of Rasik Saints. Most of the pad kirtan on this topic recount two aspects of these pastimes.

First, the sweet and loving playfulness of Krishna, when He seemingly accidentally graces a Gopi with divine love. This may be through a look, a touch, some words, in waking state or dream state.

Secondly, it describes the divine ecstasy of the Gopi who then becomes drowned in the bliss of Krishna's love.

During the time of Radha Krishna's descension 5,000 years ago, there were many God realized Saints living in the Braj district. Many Gopis had achieved this divine status.

Through a milan madhuri leela, their realization was infinitely enriched and deepened after attaining divine love.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, visualize the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke. Click here for Hindi.

"Gayo Hari, Mo Pai Jadu Dar"

prem ras madira

Gayo Hari, mo pai jadu dar.
"Oh, woe is me! Krishna has cast some magic spell on me!"

Haun Jamuna-asnan karan gai, tahan rah Nandkumar.
"I went to bathe in the Yamuna River and He came there all of a sudden."

Piya drig piya-ras-roop madhuri, drigan bachay nihar.
"Avoiding looking directly into His eyes, I drank the nectar of His divine beauty through the protection of my veil."

Ras-lampat drig pat ghunghat-pat, karan chat janu par.
"That very instant, my eyes became so intoxicated with that bliss, that it felt as if they desperately wanted to escape by tearing right through the veil."

Jab ghat bhari chali ghar Natvar tab, chat kankari dai mar.
"But still I did not let my eyes meet His, and started on my way home after having filled my pitcher with water. That devious Krishna followed me and hit my pitcher with a small stone from the back."

Phutyo ghat tutyo ghunghat pat, auchak drig bhaye char.
"That stone made a small hole in my pitcher. Startled by the sound, without taking care to hide my eyes behind my veil, I looked around to see who the culprit was. As soon as I turned, my eyes met Krishna's eyes."

Ut 'Kripalu' nagari it gagari, bahat prem-jaldhar.
Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj depicts the incomparable beauty of that scene, "From the front, tears of joy were flowing from the Gopi's eyes, and from the back, a stream of water was flowing from her pitcher."