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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Murali Madhuri
(Sweetness of Krishna's Flute)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Murali Madhuri or the sweetness of Shri Krishna's flute.

krishna's flute Shri Krishna has four Divine virtues that are not found in any other form or descension of supreme God. These are leela madhuri, roop madhuri, prem madhuri, and venu (murali) madhuri. This means:

  • The sweetness of His Divine actions or pastimes
  • The sweetness of His Divine beauty
  • The sweetness of His Divine love
  • The sweetness of the Divine sound of His flute

These four have unlimited Divine love bliss.

Rasik Saints have extensively described the amazing divine effect of the sound of the flute on earthly as well as celestial beings.

For great Divine personalities who are qualified to hear it, such as the Gopis, the divine sound of the flute also elevates their feelings of meeting with Krishn, resulting in a sweeter experience of His association.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, visualize the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke.
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"Madhur-Dhuni, Murali Bajavat Kanha"

prem ras madira

Madhur dhuni, murali bajavat Kanha.
Shri Krishna was playing soul-stirring melodies on His flute.

Dhuni suni Vidhi, Har, Hari, har saba mohe,
chutyo gyanijan dhyan.
The sound of the flute reached even the celestial abodes and forcibly captivated the hearts of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It ended the samadhi (absolute nondual trance) of gyanis absorbed in the impersonal form of God, and instilled Divine love in their hearts.

Jangam jeev bhaye jad sigare, jad, jangam suni tan.
When mobile creatures such as birds and animals heard the sweet sound of the Divine flute, they became completely still. Non-moving, immobile creatures, such as trees began to drip sap from their branches as if they were in motion.

Jo jaisehin, taisehin uthi dhaain, Gopin taji kul kan.
When the Gopis heard the flute, they became so thrilled that, regardless of what state they were in, they left their family duties and ran from their houses to meet Krishna in Vrindaban.

Nabh taragan, chandradik kahan, nij nij gatihin bhulan.
The sound of the flute was so captivating that even the moon, the stars and other heavenly bodies forgot their paths of motion and stood still.

Ek Kripaluhin, bachyau jagat mahan, nishchal shail saman.
Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj remarks, "In the whole world only I remained unaffected by the flute. I stood unmoved like a mountain."