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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Prem Madhuri
(Sweetness of Divine Love)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Prem Madhuri or the sweetness of divine love or divine bhakti.

The supreme quality of God's personality is divine bliss. That quality is expressed in a power called hladini shakti. The essence of hladini shakti is called prem or divine love or divine bhakti.

rose sequence

Imagine a rose flower, a room full of rose petals and a bottle of rose perfume. A rose is fragrant, but this fragrance is surpassed by the fragrance of thousands of rose petals. The essence of all those petals produces one small bottle of perfume. This means that the maximum intensity of the rose's fragrance is found in the essence we call "perfume".

Similarly, the absolute supreme essence of unlimited Divine bliss is Divine love (prem) or Bhakti. Rasik Saints describe this as the greatest and most intimate experience of God's love, beauty and proximity.

Prem or divine love is the most intimate and personal power of God. In worldly love, the affection of our beloved causes us to submit naturally to his or her will and desires.

krishna and gopi

In Divine love, supreme God also comes under the influence of his loving bhakta or devotee, and as a result, naturally submits to that devotee's will and selfless desires.

In that state of divine love, the supreme Lord, who is the Governor of the universe and the Master of all, only desires to serve His loving devotees. He completely forgets His almightiness and simply becomes a loving friend, child or beloved.

During His descension 5,000 years ago, Lord Krishna revealed in many different kinds of loving leelas or pastimes how He was under the control of the love of the Brajwasis, the residents of Braj district where He appeared.

Lord Krishna's only desire was to give more and more happiness to His loving devotees -- including the Gopis, the Gwalbal, His mother and father -- according to their feeling of relational affection.

These sweet leelas written in the form of pad kirtan reveal this amazing quality of prem or divine love. Click here for Hindi.

"Dhanya Prem Gopijan Tribhuvan"

prem ras madira

Dhanya prem gopijan tribhuvan, pooran brahm jasu bharmavat.
Glory to the love of the Gopis! Under the charming influence of that love, Lord Krishna has forgotten that He is the absolute supreme personality of God.

Jo asankhya brahmand srijat so, braj aheer Nandpoot kahavat.
Under the influence of the Gopis love, the One who creates the entire universe with uncountable worlds is simply called the son of Nanda..

Jinki neku yogamaya tey, jagat niyantrit it shruti gavat.
That supreme God, who the Vedas describe, and who controls and maintains the whole universe with His power of yogamaya, the power that makes the impossible possible....

Unko mahari pakari kar angurin, nij angan calibo sikharavat. having his finger held by Mother Yashoda, who is teaching Him how to walk in her courtyard..

Jinki kripa kor Bidhi, Hari, Har, koti kalp tap kar nahin pavat.
That supreme God, whose grace-filled glance Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar can't receive even after doing austerities for millions of ages,

Unko jhataki pataki godi tey, bhauh tani Nandrani ruavat. being angrily removed by Mother Yashoda from her lap, who is scolding Him and making Him cry..

Jinki nam gunavali leela, bhav bandhan chhan mahin chhutavat.
That supreme God, the remembrance of whose Divine names, virtues, leelas could release the eternal mayic bondage of a soul in a moment, .

Unko matu bandhi ukhal tey, lai santi kar ati darpavat.
... has been tied to a mortar by Mother Yashoda, who is scaring Him by holding a stick in her hand..

Jinki ati vichitra maya tey, Naradadi ko gyan bhulavat.
That supreme God whose amazing and powerful maya confounds the understanding of great sages like Narad, .

Unko dekhiya braj murali hit, gopin agey drig jhari lavat. shedding tears before the Gopis and asking who has hidden His flute..

Jinki bhrikuti takati bani dasi, so maya jo sabahin nachavat.
That supreme God, whose power of maya dominates all beings and causes them to dance under its control like a monkey, and which power meekly and obediently looks towards Him out of fear,

Unko ab 'Kripalu' Radhey ju, krit das kari pag palutavat.
...has been made, according to Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, an eternal servant of Shri Radha and adoringly presses Her lotus feet.