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Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Rasiya Madhuri
(The Sweetness of Braj Style Folk Songs)

rasika This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Rasiya Madhuri or the sweetness of songs about Radha Krishna in the folk style of Braj.

This charming rasiya style of writing reveals all the various aspects of the greatness of the Divine abode of Vrindaban and Golok, the greatness of the Braj district where Shri Radha Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago, the pastimes of Shri Krishna that were enacted among the residents of Braj, the greatness of Shri Krishna's Divine love, and all the sweet pastimes in which that love was abundantly, playfully and endlessly showered on the Brajwasis.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, visualize the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke.
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"Braj Ras Baras Rahyo Braj Bithin"

prem ras madira

Brajras baras rahyo Braj-bithin, gyani binu jane bharamay.
"The nectar of Divine love is overflowing everywhere in Braj, but the gyanis, the so-called men of wisdom, though they are considered intelligent, are actually ignorant. Unaware of this fact, they are wandering aimlessly."

Jehi khojat gyani jan lakhan,
"Hundreds of thousands of gyanis, looking for absolute Divinity,"

Charihun vedan ki pratishakhan,
"Searched for Him in every branch of the four Vedas since time immemorial,"

Hari 'alakh' imi lage bhakhan,
"And in the end, they declared that absolute Divinity is imperceptible,"

Vrindavipin sakhin anchal-pat, lipat rahyo soi dhay.
"But in Braj, the same imperceptible impersonal absolute Divinity of the gyanis is the absolute supreme personality of God, Krishna, and He is running after the maidens of Vrindaban to receive their love."

Jehi shankar ur-antar dhyavat,
"That impersonal Divinity that Lord Shiva meditates on in his heart,"

Jako bhed Ved nahin pavat,
"The secret of which the Vedas can't grasp and afterwards become silent,"

Nirvikalp, nirlep, batavat,
"Which is described by them as absolutely detached and desireless,"

Soi nikunj bich Bhanulali ke, charan palotat jay.
"That same impersonal Divinity can be seen in the bowers of Vrindaban pressing the lotus feet of Shri Radha with great love and adoration."

Jehi maya vash vishva charachar,
"That impersonal Divinity, whose maya controls all the animate and inanimate existences of the universe,"

Brahmand-nayak Vidhi, Hari, Har,
"And the governors of this world, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,"

Nachat jyaun nat-parvash banar,
"And which causes them to dance like a tamer makes a monkey dance,"

Tehi dai chach neku si chorin, kotin nach nachay.
"But in Braj, that same impersonal Divinity who is the master of maya, is Himself being made to dance innumerable times by the little girls of Braj in exchange for a little buttermilk."

Jaki bhrikuti vilas, pralay-kar,
"That absolute supreme and almighty personality of God, who can cause the absolute dissolution of the universe just by lifting His eyebrow,"

Jake dar kampat dar, thar thar,
"And before Whom even Fear personified trembles with fear,"

Namahin jako bhav-bhandhan-har,
"And Whose name possesses the power to destroy the unbreakable bondage of maya for a soul, Who is all-powerful and Who makes every impossibility possible,"

Tako ukhal bandhi Yashoda, lai santi darpay.
"That same supreme almighty God has been tied up to a mortar by His mother, Yashoda, who is causing Him to tremble with fear merely by holding in her hand a little stick."

Jehi lagi japi, tapi bharmavat,
That same supreme Divine God, who is beyond the reach of the senses, mind and intellect, who is unattainable even by millions who repeat His name and by those who practice severe austerities for eternity,

Jogi jog agini jari javat,
"And to attain that same Divinity, the greatest of yogis at the height of their samadhi practice enter yogic fire,

Nij bal kripa-kor nahin pavat,
"Yet they all fail to receive even a glimpse of His grace because they rely on their own spiritual strength,"

So 'Kripalu' nij maya god hit, paryo dharani bilkhay.
"But, in the words of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, that same unattainable, unthinkable, unknowable, imperceptible Divinity is rolling on the ground as little baby Krisnha, and He is crying to go into the lap of his mother, Yashoda."