Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Shri Radha Bal Leela
(Sweetness of the Childhood Leelas of Shri Radha)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Shri Radha Bal Leela or the sweetness of Shri Radha's childhood pastimes.

When Shri Radha a appeared on this earth 5,000 years ago, She spent His childhood in Braj with Her parents, Kirti and Vrishbhanu.

Her actions and activities from the time of Her infancy and early years have been described in the writings of Rasik Saints.

These are sweet glimpses into her innocent and sweet behavior as little baby and young child and have been revealed to inspire our meditation with feelings of parental love (vatsalya bhava).

Using these descriptions as a foundation for your devotional imagination, imagine the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke. Click here for Hindi.

"May! De Chandra Khilouna Lay"

May dey, chandra khilounahin laya.
Little Radha (Kishori ji) says to her mother, "Oh mommy! Bring me the moon to play with!"

Kari dhari chibuk chunvari Kirati ko,
kahati thunaki tutaraya.

Placing Her hand on her chin, she says in Her sweet baby talk,

Haun maiya chanda sang khelihaun,
so mohin at man bhaya.

"I really like the moon. I'll play with it."

Tab laun haun nahin makhan khaihaun,
jab laun nahin mangaya.

"As long as you don't bring me the moon, I won't eat butter."

To son bat na karihaun, laihaun, aurahin may banaya.
"I won't talk to you and I'll make someone else My mommy."

Kou bhushan kabahun na pahirihaun,
daihaun basan bahaya.

"I won't wear any ornaments and I'll throw away my clothes."

Jaihaun bhaji sakahan ghar, tumhare,
ghar rah mori balaya."

"I'll run away to the house of my friends. I won't say in your house."

Matu hathili-Lali chandramahin, darpan laya dikhaya.
Seeing little Radha's stubborn persistence, Mother Kirti brought a mirror and showed Her the reflection of the moon.

Bhori Kunvari jani sancho tehi, kilkati pakarati dhaya.
Little Radha, who is extremely innocent, thought the reflection was the actual moon. Squealing in delight, she tried over and over to grab it.

Jab 'Kripalu' nahin pakari paya tab,
kah kachu muh latakaya.

Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj said that when She realized she would not be able to get it by any means, little Radha became disappointed, and putting on a long face, she started complaining quietly to Herself.

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