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Maya: The Material Energy

Maya is the energy that manifests all of material creation, and it is one of the two opposite energies that make up "you":

  1. Soul (Divine energy)
  2. Body, senses, mind and intellect (material energy)

The energy that manifests all of matter -- including the entire universe and all the living beings -- is called 'Maya'. It is an eternally existing power like the souls and God. Understanding the relationship of these three powers is important to your spiritual journey.

The material energy has created many amazing worlds - not just the universe at large we can see. Some are visible, most are not. Some have a profound influence on our thinking.

It's useful to understand maya's inherent qualities for almost everything we do in life. In this are some important keys to understanding human behavior, motivation and compatibility.

influence of maya Mayic energy directly impacts our spiritual progress in two important ways.

Just as you can't see your own eye with your eye, so we can't realize with our own material mind how the material energy is influencing us. For you to see your own eye, you need a mirror.

The teachings of Hinduism (our users manual) and also the teachings of great Saints reflect back to us this understanding.

Even though our aspiration is only for "the greatest", material happiness is always mixed with sorrow and unhappiness. Therefore, it is just as important for us to understand the the nature of suffering and the science of unhappiness, as it is to know what is true and authentic happiness.

When we recognize the nature of the mayic creation, we will know why and how we form attachments for happiness, and why we still aren't happy. Understanding this science of happiness is an important part of our spiritual quest. It saves us time by guiding us away from all the unfulfilling or confusing diversions that don't take us directly to our goal.