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The Eternal Dharma

Hinduism or the Hindu religion is called sanatan dharma or the eternal dharma. Bhakti yoga meditation is based on these scriptural teachings.

The origin of the universal principles of Hinduism that have inpired its praises throughout the centuries is found in its sacred writings.

vedas Sanatan dharma is comprised of a multitude of scriptures with the Vedas as their base or main authoritative text, that form an interrelated, single body of spiritual philosophy.

Any knowledge could be lost with the passage of time, but because it is eternal knowledge, this spiritual philosophy is systematically revealed on this earth from age to age.

We can appreciate this even more by understanding the basic concepts of Vedic chronology.

The language of the prime scriptures of Hinduism is Sanskrit. Sanskrit has its own spiritual significance.

Bhakti is the focus and essence of all the scriptural knowledge of Sanatan Dharma, which can understood through this definition of dharma.

Integrate spiritual philosophy into your life

Dharma becomes a way of life only when we integrate these eternal principles of spiritual philosophy into our daily living. This knowledge becomes our unique perspective on how we see ourselves and the world, and what we are here to accomplish.

We are on a quest to get answers to big questions: "Who am I?" "What do I want?" "What comes after this?" We have asked ourselves these puzzling questions in every birth. We haven't solved them because we are looking for the answers in the wrong place: Ourselves.

By taking the focus off ourselves to find the right answer, we may actually find it! After all, when you didn't create yourself, how could you know what you were created for?

help buttonIf you were given a specialized computer but had no idea how to operate it or what it was supposed to do, you could do a lifetime of research and still not find this information. If you really want to know, there are only three places where you can find this information:

  1. The inventor
  2. An expert user
  3. The users manual

Similarly, as a soul, we belong to God. There must be some Divine purpose behind our human birth. Scriptural philosophy is the ultimate users manual. We can discover our aim in life by turning to this Divine wisdom.

But just as users manuals may be nearly impossible to understand, and even less interesting to read, so the Divine scriptural knowledge of the Hindu religion may seem far beyond our capacity to grasp. Expert users in the from of true Saints are essential to simplify, clarify and impart this knowledge.

The essence of all these teachings is that we can know our true spiritual identity and realize perfect happiness by developing a personal relationship with God through bhakti yoga.

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