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You can learn how to design a website. If you found this page, I would like to share some private suggestions with you for building your own website, even if you have 0% knowledge of website design. Bhakti Yoga Meditation is an information site, not a commercial sales site, so whatever follows in this section is straight from the heart and a way to "pay it forward".

Until August of 2008, I (the webmaster) had absolutely no experience in website design. In 6 months I learned all the basics of how to conceptualize, design, and promote a successful site. Results for some of my website keywords are on the FIRST PAGE of search engine results.

But way back when I was starting, my goal was only to create some kind of online "space" for selling educational materials. But where and how to start? After a few weeks of mulling this over, one day I was looking at individual results from a web search for "how to design a website", when I ended up on a exercise website for getting flat abs. I didn't see the connection until I looked carefully at the bottom of the page, in the same place you found this link. That link brought me to the Site Build It website.

I took this discovery as nothing less than an act of grace.

You may feel this a bit extreme, but after exploring the SBI site, looking at some of their promo videos and talking to some of their support team, I knew:


And this is why:

Let's say that you (like me) are an intelligent person with a great idea, but no knowledge of how to design a website. You purchase a domain name. Now what? Even if you have a domain name and set up a "website in 10 minutes" (an offer lots of companies make), how will you drive traffic to this site? Who will be there to hold your hand and answer the endless stream of newbie technical questions you may have? Who will you brainstorm with to implement and improve every conceivable aspect of your site?

Why start from scratch when you can join a community of like-minded motivated web-entrepreneurs who may not start with a lot or even any experience, but have lots of initiative? If you have the initiative and the idea, which I'm sure you do if you have read this far, SBI can help you craft everything else, and I'm not kidding. You will get a mind-boggling assortment of tools and trainings, and access to a fantastic forum of fellow SBI site designers JUST LIKE YOU.

If this sounds like your kind of deal, explore these links for more information:

Click here for an all-encompassing explanation of Site Build It (SBI).

Click here for real examples of people who have built websites through SBI.

Click here for an overview of why all SBIers love SBI.

Don't take my word for for any of this -- talk to the people at SBI, grill them with questions until you are satisfied (like I did), and see what kind of magic can take place between now and 6 months from now after you learn how to design a website -- your own!

Best wishes,

Bhakti Yoga Meditation Webmaster

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