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Inspirational Quotes in Sanskrit:
A Human Birth and Life's Purpose

Below is a selection of Sanskrit quotes from Hinduism on the greatness of a human birth and our ultimate life's purpose.

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Arise, awake and seek the holy association of true Saints and acquire knowledge of God. (Vedas)

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As a man determines, so he becomes. (Vedas)

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You have received the most valuable human body, which is like a strong boat to take you across the ocean of maya. It is propelled by the favorable wind of God's grace and steered by the Spiritual Master. If with all this facility a soul does not cross this ocean, he is spoiling the golden opportunity he has received. (Bhagwatam, 11/20/17)

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The supreme knowledge of God can only be attained in a human form of life. (Garud Purana)

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This human body is the gateway leading to liberation. Having attained it, you must strive to take care of your spiritual progress. (Ramayana-Goswami Tulsidas)

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You have been blessed with a human birth, which is difficult to attain. Don't waste the precious moments of your life in pursuit of sensual pleasures. (Shankaracharya)

sanskit quote aim6
There is no one one in the world who is not a sincere lover of and believer in God. (Valmiki Ramayan)