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Inspirational Quotes in Sanskrit

Sanskrit quotes help us to deepen our understanding about spiritual philosophy and to establish a firm practice of bhakti yoga meditation. In Hinduism there are three kinds of evidences for establishing any kind of fact:

  1. Pratyakch praman or perceived evidence
  2. Anuman praman or inferred evidence
  3. Shabd praman or scriptural evidence

We can prove the existence of something when we actually perceive it. But there are many things we can't perceive directly that are still true.

For example, there are almost 7 billion people on earth, but not having seen all them, how do you know this is a fact? If you saw a map, pictures or television you could infer their existence.

But how to know spiritual facts when the divine existence is beyond the grasp of material senses, mind and intellect? For this we need scriptural evidence.

Scriptural evidence authenticates spiritual truth. It is a direct expression from a spiritually enlightened mind of God's existence, bliss, kindness -- and anything else that would relate to the Divine area.

Sanskrit quotes inspire us and guide us on the path of bhakti and to our goal of fulfilling our deepest desire for authentic divine happiness.

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