Your Life's Purpose:
An ultimate point of view

One of the greatest puzzles we face is solving life's purpose. What is our ultimate aim? Every moment we are in aggressive pursuit of something. A human mind can't remain inactive even for a fraction of a second. Some inner motivation always inspires us to act.

Yet, you know from experience that this motivation changes. It doesn't just change, oftentimes your motivations contradict one another from one minute to the next.

What exactly are we striving for?

Amazingly, there is one universal aim that defines our life's purpose and this is true for everyone, regardless of belief, culture, language, gender or any other distinguishing factor. We are searching for happiness and happiness alone in everything that we choose to do. This is our true aim. This is the hidden motivation behind all actions.

We may say we are motivated to have perfect health, beauty, prosperity, love, longevity, freedom, or whatever our heart desires, but by fulfilling these we hope to attain happiness.

Why do you want money? To be happy. Why do you wish to live forever? To be happy. Why do you desire knowledge? To be happy. Why are you reading this paragraph? You, too, are looking for happiness.

Everyone feels they were destined for something great in the area of happiness. We may compromise and accept the ordinary, but ultimately it doesn't work for us. The happiness we seek is extraordinary. Our life's purpose is to find authentic happiness.

No one taught you to do this

When a child is brought into this world, his first reaction is to cry. Through his tears he is announcing to the world, "I am extremely uncomfortable in this cold and harsh place! Give me happiness!"

Just think about it...

You had to be taught everything in life - proper social behavior, proper values, even who you should be attached to. You love your mother because you were told thousands of times as an infant, "This is Mommy! Say Mommy!" This relationship was cultured only through constant association, care giving and reminders. How is it that on your own you immediately knew you needed happiness?


There are millions of life forms in existence. All creatures have distinct body, habits and instincts. No two humans look exactly alike. No two leaves of the same tree are identical. Yet, in spite of this unlimited differentiation and variety in nature, everyone, every living being, has only one desire: Happiness.

Why is this so?

The reason is that this desire is innate. We are hard-wired to search for happiness. This is our life's purpose. This is originally a demand from the soul for Divine happiness. Think of this as your original desire.

We experience this every moment as a feeling of needing something more. Your inner conscience makes you sense that something is missing in your life. Your mind tries to satisfy this unrecognized inner demand by forming fulfilling desires of the senses.

Does it work? There are some short term gains, but ultimately, no. The Vedas state that until and unless you receives God's bliss, you can never be perfectly happy. This is the extraordinary and authentic happiness you desire.

Something you need to learn

From this we can conclude...

  • If the soul has been in existence since eternity...

  • If attaining true and authentic happiness means you become blissful forever...

  • And if you are still searching for happiness...

You just haven't understood the definition of happiness. If you had, you would have found happiness by now and your search would have come to an end.

Understand the definition of happiness, and you you have every chance of finding it! The quickest way between two points is a good map.

Gaining this much understanding is a huge accomplishment. To help make this firm, visit all the links in this section. A large part of your blueprint is taking shape. Keep moving ahead!

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