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Meditation Prayer

meditation prayer A meditation prayer is a simply worded expression of humble surrender and longing. It is a means of connecting with God and feeling his presence.

Prayer is another form of meditation.

When you pray as part of your bhakti yoga meditation practice, pray selflessly. Express your longing only for divine grace and love, and to realize God one day.

All religions direct their followers to have the faith that everything that happens or will happen to you is known to and guided by God.

Through the Hindu scriptures we know that our material situation is not due to the presence or absence of God's grace. It is due to the consequences of our own actions.

Grace is the power that joins the soul with God. Prayer is a means to receive grace.

Those who pray selflessly are most likely to be the most advanced meditatively as well. Their meditation is free of limited selfish desires and therefore they are able to focus easily on developing their feelings of personal relationship with God.

To start your prayer, sit quietly in your sacred space, feel that Radha Krishna or your worshipped form of God are close to you. Center your awareness in your heart.

Speak to God in your own words or you may use one of the below prayers, which is recited at the start of the morning meditation in all the ashrams and by all the disciples of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu ji Maharaj:

As you practice, you will create another opportunity to receive grace. This will produce an inner transformation that will make you even less self-centered and more and more selfless.

We spend a considerable amount of time subconsciously praying that our material situations will resolve in some way. As this suffering-causing habit lessens, you will be more free to offer your heart to God and hear the voice of your divine beloved whispering lovingly to you.