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The Pursuit of Happiness:
Your Quest

looking-for-happiness Welcome to an exploration of your pursuit of happiness and the philosophical building blocks of bhakti yoga philosophy where you will learn who you are, what you want, and why you meditate.

All spiritual teachings begin with the questions, "Who am I? What am I here for?" The implications of these questions are so vast it might seem impossible to find simple answers...

But there is a way!

First, let's reflect on the mystery of your life's unique journey and the idea of what is a quest. Thousands of movies and books are released and published every year, but only a few of these resonate with the public and become outrageously popular:

  • King Arthur and the Search for the Holy Grail
  • Don Quixote
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars
  • The Matrix
  • The Never-Ending Story
  • Chronicles of Narnia

What are the elements in these stories that make them irresistible... so irresistible that even decades or centuries after they are written, they remain so popular they attract people across almost all cultures and languages? They are...

The Call -- In an ordinary person's common day-to-day existence, he receives a call to action, either through intuition, an inner voice or outside circumstances... to do something he would not ordinarily do.

The Doubt -- Often at this point, the hero (or heroine) hesitates at the threshold of adventure. After all, he (or she) is facing the greatest of all fears -- fear of the unknown.

The Association of a Mentor or Guide -- A mentor comes to the aid of the hero with extra knowledge, advice and strength. Without this help, the hero can't proceed. Even if the hero proceeds alone after this, the mentor is with him in some form.

The Test -- This is the supreme test of everything the hero represents, and ultimately decides his fitness to be a hero. This usually take the form of conflict or battle with monsters, natural forces, hostile humans or his own self. The hero must successfully overcome the obstacles, aided by the knowledge he received from his mentor.

The Reward -- His triumphant reward is expressed in terms of human love, triumph in battle, triumph over himself, reunion, possession of some treasure or precious substance, or spiritual attainment.

The Return -- The hero may return to the world he left, bringing the gift, treasure, knowledge or attainment with him. Or he may move on to a place, country or realm that is indicative of the nature of his reward. He is renewed and reborn.

Your pursuit of happiness is a spiritual quest

The reason you also resonate with stories like this is that you actually are on a quest... a spiritual quest. Everything in your life is conspiring to help you begin this journey. This is your pursuit of happiness. Spiritual theory puts these feelings, intuitions or thoughts into focus for your deeper consideration and to move you to action.

The language of our inner, spiritual quest is in a divine code. The only way we can decipher it is with a blueprint or map and the help of trusted guides or mentors.

For this purpose, we will use knowledge from the Hindu scriptural tradition known as "Sanatan Dharma," the eternal dharma, as our map, and we will take the help of great spiritually enlightened Saints for their inspiring vision and valuable guidelines.

Solving the unsolvable riddle

The sacred writings of Sanatan Dharma explain that your pursuit of happiness began from the time you were born. You have even been given important gifts with this human body to guarantee your success on this journey - if you understand their value.

Everyone, without exception, feels they either deserve or are destined for something great. In spite of the unlimited variety we see in this world, amazingly we all unanimously work for and desire the same thing. What are we searching for? Only happiness.

Why? Because your spiritual essence, your original self demands this. Beyond your body, mind, senses and intellect is "you." You are the soul. The soul is eternally a part or a fraction of God.

God eternally exists. That "life-factor" or unending existence is reflected in the soul. You have been in a cycle of birth and death called reincarnation since time immemorial. From lifetime to lifetime, you were on your quest. You are on a quest now, in this birth. This quest is for fulfilling your ultimate spiritual aim.

In the midst of this, because of your relationship with God, not only do you like Him, but you actually long for Him... deeply! You might argue this point, because if it doesn't apply to you, it certainly does to a lot people: How many are openly longing for God? Not many.

Plus what about this idea of your pursuit of happiness? How does that relate to God? In fact, what is the essential nature of God?

The answers to these intriguing questions are part of your precious blueprint, and the guiding principles of your quest.

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