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Sadhana Bhakti Steps:
#2 - Don't Combine Practices

If your goal is the attainment of divine love or divine bhakti, bhakti yoga should be done by itself without combining it with other spiritual practices.

Bhakti on its own guarantees every kind of spiritual enlightenment. In this sense, it is completely independent from other spiritual practices.

For example, the Garud Purana states:

"A practitioner of sadhana bhakti easily receives everything through his practice: purification of heart, physical purity, the outcome of satvic austerities (without having to do them) and other satvik attainment and experiences."
In the Bhagwatam (11/20/32) it is stated,
"The outcome of all devotional austerities and selfless Vedic rituals (yagya), the outcome of yogic practices, satvik charity, social work, any kind and amount of spiritual practice, any kind of good action or dharma -- whatever it might be, is all received through bhakti.

Further, satvik virtues like renunciation, detachment and a practical knowledge of the soul's eternal relationship with Krishna are all the natural outcome of sadhana bhakti."

The Bhakti Sandharbha (98) says,

"Through bhakti you receive whatever is rare to achieve, whatever is impossible to attain through any practice, and whatever is beyond imagination. This is all given by Radha Krishna to Their loving bhakta (devotee)."
Those things that are rare to achieve but attained through bhakti are:
  1. Such a human birth in which the teachings of God are available to you;
  2. Finding a true path of bhakti which you learn from a true Rasik Saint;
  3. Overcoming worldly attachments;
  4. Establishing a feeling of loving affinity for God.
Two things that are impossible to achieve through any practice but are attained through bhakti are:
  1. Liberation from maya;
  2. Entrance to the Divine abode of God
Those attainments that are beyond imagination but received through bhakti are:
  1. The ever-new and ever-increasing love of Radha Krishna;
  2. The experience of Radha Krishna's relational proximity to you;
  3. Experiencing Radha Krishna's personal love.

All of the above are related to the spiritual enlightenment of divine love, and they are all received through your pure, uncombined practice of bhakti.