Bhakti Yoga Meditation
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English Subtitled Lectures by
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


Recorded in Mussoori, India, 2006
English subtitles


  • Importance of Spiritual Philosophy (May, 2006, 26:21)
    Both devotional practice (kirtan or chanting and meditation) and a correct understanding of spiritual philosophy are important to produce practical benefits in devotion.
  • Some Left And Some Are Leaving (May, 2006, 10:51)
    Explanation of the couplet, "Koi Gaya, Koi Jaye, Govinda Radhey", some left this world and some are leaving, but those who remain think they will never be going. A description of what is the most amazing fact of this world.
  • Secret of Divine Actions (May, 2006, 25:33)
    Explanation of the couplet, "Pap Punya Lage Nahin, Govind Radhey", the consequences of action do not affect God or Saint. The different effects of Yogamaya and Maya.
  • Kurma Descension, (May, 2006, 10:45) An explanation of the Kurma descension of God, one of the ten primary descensions described in the scriptures.
  • Krishna Name, Form, Virtues, Leelas, Abode and Saints, (May, 2006, 15:28) An explanation of the couplet, "Krishna Nam Roop Gun Govind Radhey". Shri Krishna manifests in six unique ways but the aspect of His personality that is visible and of most benefit to the souls is the Saint.

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