Bhakti Yoga Meditation
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English Subtitled Lectures by
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


Recorded in Mussoori, India, 2006
English subtitles


  • Three Kinds of Personalities (28:26)
    Everyone falls into one of three categories of personalities: those who grace causelessly, those who grace with cause, and those who harm others for no reason. Every soul under Maya works for his own happiness; God and Saints work only for the ultimate happiness of others.
  • Guru Ki Na Mano Jo To, Govinda Radhey (14:56)
    The devotional guidelines taught by true Saints are for the soul's spiritual upliftment. If they are ignored, Maya will guide the soul back to accepting them through its own style of hard knocks, disappointments and suffering.
  • True Divine Association (27:12)
    Explanation of the couplet, Saccha satsanga aisa, Govinda Radhey. Faith is the first requirement on any spiritual path, then the association of true Saint, and after this the stages of devotion naturally and automatically begin to develop.
  • Tera Parda Yogamaya, Govinda Radhey (20:45)
    The veil that covers the soul is made of Maya, and the divine veil that covers God is made of Yogamaya, the supreme divine power. The actions of God and Saints are divine. This secret is only understood by the one who has received their grace and who has attained divine knowledge.

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Home: English Subtitled DVDs: Essence of Spirituality 104