Bhakti Yoga Meditation
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English Subtitled Lectures by
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


3 lectures
Recorded in Mussoori, India, 2006
English subtitles


  • Secret of Service (Seva) (35:50)
    The soul is an eternal servant of God, who is synonymous with bliss. Therefore every individual soul is an eternal servant of happiness. True happiness is found in God, who is the one whom we desire to serve eternally. Because God and Guru are one, initially we will serve the Guru and ultimately we will realise our eternal servitude with the Guru's grace. Specific guidelines for how to practice or render seva (service) to ensure we qualify to receive the Guru's grace.
  • Surrender to God(29:30)
    Explanation of the kirtan line, Hari Guru sharanagati, Govinda Radhey. Our two aims are freedom from maya and the attainment of bliss. When bliss is attained, we are freed from suffering automatically. Our feeling of devotion, the extent of our knowledge and our detachment from the world are proportional to our surrender to God.
  • Watch a short exerpt from "Surrender to God":

  • Neeko Lage Moko To Divya Braj Dham (12:30)
    A charming explanation of two lines of this kirtan. Description of the extent of Maya's creation and the abodes that exist beyond. The location of divine Braj abode and its supreme quality of divine love bliss. The two loving taunts used by the Gopis for Shri Krishna and His fondness for these.

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