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Kripalu Kirtan Series

Kripalu Kirtan Book One

eBook in English
54 pages

SYNOPSIS - Learn to chant and play the harmonium with this kirtan workbook that teaches the basics of how to read and use kirtan notation. Also includes a basic overview of the role of kirtan in bhakti yoga meditation practice.

Perfect for the complete beginner or any level of student.

Book sections include:

  • Introduction to the writings of Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj
  • Basics of bhakti yoga philosophy
  • Prem-Understanding what is divine love
  • Smaran - The role of remembrance in kirtan practice
  • The harmonium
  • Understanding the notes and keyboard
  • Taal - Rhythm and beat
  • Fingering of notes
  • Sthayi-Antaraa - Call and response method
  • Mantra - Pronunciation guide

Kripalu Kirtan Book One includes 25 beautiful kirtan notations of "Radhey Govinda" chants composed by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj and sung in the ashrams of JKP. A sample line of the kirtan notation is below:

kirtan notation sample

Large format pages and easy to follow suggested fingerings makes it easy to start learning and playing these notations right away. Free audio tutorials of notations and harmonium exercises available after purchase.

kirtan notation sample

Add a new and inspiring element to your bhakti yoga meditation practice.

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Home: E-Books: Summary of Kripalu Kirtan-One