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Vedanta Philosophy of
Jagadguru Nimbarkacharya

nimbarkacharya Jagadguru Nimbarkacharya (1100 CE) established the philosophy of dvait-advaita vedanta or nondual-dualism, a form of bhakti (devotion). He made the distinction that although the soul is one with God, it is also simultaneously separate from God.

He stated that God is both the cause and the substance of creation. For example, even though a lump of gold and gold earrings are the same substance, a difference remains between them.

Thus the soul (called the "enjoyer") and Maya (in the form of the world that is "enjoyed") are subordinate to God. There is no difference between them and God, yet they also have contrary characteristics, thus some differences do exist.

Considering himself to be a servant and God to be his Master, a soul should practice bhakti so that he could attain liberation and supreme bliss.

Nimbarkacharya stated that God is all-powerful and His personal form is His main form. Even though God manifests Himself in the form of this world, He remains unchanged -- beyond the creation and beyond the qualities of Maya. The creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe are related to Him.

The soul is a fraction of God, so it is eternal. The purpose of creation is for the soul to receive God's grace and realize Him. In fact, freedom from sorrow and the attainment of supreme divine bliss is possible only through God realization. This happens only through bhakti (devotion).

Although God has two aspects (formless and with form), the soul's ultimate spiritual welfare is only accomplished through devotion to the personal form of God. He introduced selfless, wholehearted devotion to Radha Krishna.

When a soul develops a desire for God through performing good actions, and hearing and singing God's divine names, virtues and leelas, he could surrender to a God realized Saint (Guru). When a soul follows the devotional path taught by a true Saint, when his heart and mind are completely purified, Divine love manifests in his mind. This is the direct cause of his God realization, through which he becomes divinely fulfilled, forever.